The Heart of Resilience

Is the search for sustainable dwelling a journey of the mind or of the heart?  Is it about tangible solutions like PV panels and wind turbines or a state being?  In my own journey I’ve come to distrust the use and abuse of the concept sustainable and move in the direction of ecological resilience.  In the process I’ve come to distrust government, corporations, political parties, broadcast media and even large scale top down environmental movements.  It’s clear to me that as resource limits push back on the myth of progress, that the laws of overshoot and collapse will change the course of human history and set us on a entirely new path.  Whether that path leads us in a positive or negative direction will be determined by the arc and development of our consciousness and not by politics and markets.   We face a choice between an awakening of who we are and our place in the earth’s ecosystem and business as usual.  Essentially a choice between love and fear.

The following interview with Bill Wilson is an example of choosing the former.


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