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  1. I am retired and building my second “energy efficient house”. I’m not rich, but like many new retirees want a smaller house that provides security against failures of the grid and against rising energy costs. Retirees have no business doing cost benefit analysis (unless you’re retiring at a very young age). However we are all interested in investment of our savings that will have a return beating that of the local banks. I will invest an additional $25,000 in energy applications which should save me about $1,500/year (excluding rebates, tax savings, etc). These applications do not include the obvious necessities of adequate insulation or other passive solar design features which in Colorado at 7,100 feet are just basic sense. But all in all, my investment will return about 6% a year for the rest of my life no matter what the market does, assuming energy costs don’t fall!

    I’m not convinced that CBA has any place in 21st century home design given the urgency of energy and climatic issues. I certainly don’t excuse developers for totally ignoring green and efficient design principals while hiding behind short term cost benefit assertions. Finally, thanks for the great blog site ….